How Do You Become a Boxer?

How Do You Become a Boxer?

To become a boxer, join a boxing gym, find a boxing trainer, get in shape and sign up for amateur matches. Get a boxing license, and find a professional boxing manager. This process can take one to two years.

  1. Join a boxing gym

    A boxing gym gives you access to all the equipment you need to become an amateur or professional boxer, including cardiovascular equipment, punching bags, speed bags and strength-training equipment. You may have to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee to access a boxing gym.

  2. Find a boxing trainer

    Find a boxing trainer who can work out with you regularly to teach you proper boxing techniques. Former amateur boxers or retired professional boxers often work as trainers.

  3. Get in fighting shape

    Train hard to get your body into fighting shape. Boxing is a physically demanding sport, and your body must be strong enough to handle the intensity of the hits. Building stamina is also essential, as you must be able to last multiple rounds in a boxing ring.

  4. Sign up for amateur boxing competitions

    Trainers often let students know when they're ready to enter amateur boxing competitions. At least six months of intense training should be completed before boxing at the amateur level.

  5. Get a boxing license

    Once you're ready to become a professional boxer, apply for a boxing license in your state.

  6. Find a professional boxing manager

    Select a professional manager to oversee your boxing career. You can also sign up with a boxing management company.