How Do You Become a Bounty Hunter for Bail Bondsmen?


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To become a bounty hunter for a bail bondsman, find out if you meet the requirements, obtain any licenses required by your state and seek out bail bond firms for employment. As of 2015, 22 states require bounty hunters to have a license, and four states forbid bounty hunting.

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A bounty hunter, also called a bail enforcement agent, aids the bail bondsman by apprehending a fleeing suspect so that the bondsman may avoid paying a cash bond to the court. Some states, such as California, do not require a bounty hunter to have a license, but the state has statutes that set guidelines for bounty hunting procedures. Most states prohibit some people from bounty hunting, such as attorneys, police officers and convicted felons.

The requirements for receiving a bounty hunting license vary from state to state, but they may include having a valid driver's license, attending classes, passing an exam and maintaining state residency. Some states have other requirements, such as experience in similar types of work, a criminal background check and registration with the county sheriff's department.

States have varying laws about what practices bounty hunters may use when apprehending fugitives, and several states have dress codes that may require a shirt with the label "Bail Enforcement Agent." In some states, bounty hunters must get permission from local law enforcement to enter a residence when apprehending a fugitive.

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