How Do You Become a Book Writer?

Becoming a book writer requires a passion for creating and sharing literature and the discipline to set writing goals and achieve them. Read and write as much as possible. Make connections with members of the writing community willing to support and promote work reciprocally.

An important key to becoming a book writer is to maintain a high level of professionalism. Create a brand and promote it. Publish content in the form of articles or blog posts and submit them to a personal website or writing blog. Seek education and keep up to date with technology, as it has the potential to expand or hinder the creative process. Remain positive when it comes to publication, despite the trials that may be faced.

Perseverance is also important. Create a long-term plan and have the courage to stick to it. See failures as stepping stones instead of roadblocks. Give victories as much attention as defeats.

Attaining a publisher is a large part of the book writing process. Many publishers post submission instructions directly on their websites; it is up to the writer to follow those instructions to entice them to read her work. Self-publishing is also an option and is well-suited for writers who want to maintain control over every aspect of their work. However, the process involves not only writing, but designing the entire layout of the book. It is also up to the writer to pick and pay for a printer or, in the case of an eBook, find an ePublishing site to convert the file to Kindle and iBooks compatible documents.