How Do You Become a Bodyguard?

How Do You Become a Bodyguard?

To become a bodyguard, earn a high school diploma, get in shape, take relevant classes, and then complete a bodyguard training program. Many employers require bodyguards to have a driver’s license and a concealed carry permit.

  1. Complete high school

    Earn a high school diploma or GED to show general competence to potential employers.

  2. Get in shape

    Hire a personal trainer to build you an exercise regimen that incorporates strength and endurance training. Take lessons in hand-to-hand combat and threat detection.

  3. Take relevant classes

    Take classes in public relations and communications to demonstrate social skills to employers. Additionally, take classes in map and blueprint reading, strategic security, emergency services and first aid.

  4. Complete a bodyguard training program

    Complete a bodyguard training program, or earn a two-year degree in criminal justice, personal security or police science. Learn your state's security license requirements, and obtain the required credentials.

  5. Get a driver's license

    Many employers require bodyguards to escort them in vehicles, so obtain a driver's license if you do not have one. If necessary, take a course in defensive or tactical driving.

  6. Get a firearms permit

    Take courses in marksmanship and firearm safety, and then obtain a firearms permit with concealed carry privileges.