How Do You Become a Beauty Supply Distributor?

How Do You Become a Beauty Supply Distributor?

To become a beauty supply distributor, conduct market research, network with others in the business, obtain licensing and apply to be a distributor. Then, create a website, and market your business.

  1. Conduct market research

    Do research on the best beauty wholesalers in the market and on how you can become a representative. Look for wholesalers who offer high-quality products that you are proud to sell.

  2. Network with others in the business

    Talk to people who have been in the beauty supply distribution business, and ask for their advice and insights. Find out which companies are the best ones with which to do business.

  3. Obtain licensing

    Contact the auditor’s office for your state to find out if you need a vendor’s license, and how you can obtain one. Find out the fees required, as well as other requirements.

  4. Apply to be a distributor

    Visit the company websites that you are interested in, and apply to become a beauty distributor. You receive a start-up kit upon approval to get started in the business.

  5. Create a website

    Design a professional website to help attract clients. Consider hiring a professional Web designer if you don’t know how to build one.

  6. Market your business

    Create brochures to hand out to potential clients. Visit your local spas and salons and talk to owners and managers. Carry samples of your products to improve your chances of getting clients.