How Do You Become a Banker?


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As of 2014, to become a banker, a person must have a high school diploma, and an applicant stands a better chance if he has a bachelor's degree. Those who wish to become personal bankers may need to have certification in Banking and Finance from the American Institute of Banking.

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Bankers usually begin as tellers, and students who take some college courses can also get ahead without a bachelor's degree. Many banks require at least a year of sales experience, including one or two years as a personal banker. Personal bankers may get promotions into managerial roles between three and five years from their start dates. These managerial roles include branch managers, business bankers, financial advisors and loan officers.

Becoming an investment banker requires higher qualifications. For instance, a student needs a Master's in Business Administration degree, but students can gain entry into an analyst role to see if the job is a good fit. An analyst role entails sitting in on client meetings and being mentored by a veteran investment banker. Those who take an advisement role must be certified as a broker-dealer. The primary form of certification is through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Experience as an investment banker is not a requirement, but applicants must have a minimum Series 7 qualification to gain a position.

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