How Do You Become a Bank Teller?


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Bank tellers must have a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify for a position. New bank tellers receive on-the-job training from head tellers or other experienced bank tellers.

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  1. Apply for a bank teller position

    Apply for open positions with local banks, credit unions or other financial institutions that work with the public. On as resume, include prior customer service experience and any use of equipment such as cash registers.

  2. Complete bank teller training

    Learn banking procedures, processes and rules during the one-month training period. New bank tellers learn how to use cash registers, how to verify customer signatures and how to use bank software to enter financial information. Training may also include a review of bank products and services, how to provide customer service through the drive-up window and how to balance cash registers after a shift.

  3. Apply for advanced bank teller or bank sales positions

    To advance, apply for head teller or other management positions. Head tellers provide support and guidance to ensure customer quality service and proper handling of funds. Tellers may also move into sales positions to offer financial products such as certificates of deposit and savings bonds. Advancement may depend on the positions available, overall competency and knowledge of banking procedures, products and services.

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