How Do You Become a Bail Bondsman?


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A person can become a bail bondsman by completing the educational courses required in a particular state, applying for a license and joining a bail company. It is important to note that some states may reject the applications of people who have been arrested before. Therefore, determining eligibility for a role of a bail bondsman is vital prior to starting the application process.

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  1. Get the necessary education

    Applicants are required to have a high school diploma but many bondsmen attend college to further their studies in law, business administration, economics or finance. These courses are important in the duties of a bondsman, as well as preparing one for the licensing exam. There is also a pre-licensing course that is intended to prepare one for the licensing exam.

  2. Take the licensing exam

    The licensing exams entails answering a multiple choice exam that must be completed within the stated time. The exam fee differs from state to state. Learning the specific requirements for the exam beforehand is necessary for ensuring a success. One must provide a pre-licensing course certificate before taking the exam or risk disqualification.

  3. Apply for the license

    After completing the exam, one needs to get the application documents from the state's insurance department office or website. There is also a fee for the application. The score of the license exam should be provided too.

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