How Do You Become a Backup Singer?


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Becoming a successful background singer requires lots of vocal preparation, some knowledge about music and performance experience. Securing a job as a background singer usually requires attending auditions held by bands or talent agents.

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One way to get noticed as a potential background vocalist is to frequent music production studios where music artists make records, networking with producers, engineers, songwriters and performers. To gain performance experience, it may be necessary to take small jobs singing commercial jingles. Singing in local bands or theater productions is another way to gain performance experience.

It is important to be thoroughly prepared when auditioning for professional singing gigs. Preparation involves learning how to read sheet music that highlights good vocals. Sheet music includes an array of musical notes from popular songs that are often performed by bands and musical acts. Background singers may need to specialize in one or more music genres such as pop, rock, jazz or R&B.

A background singer is an expert at blending in with other singers to create solid vocals that support the lead singer. Background vocals must never overshadow the lead singer, which is something singers are likely to learn to do during training and performing. Successful background singers are great at listening to the lead performer, and they are always ready to rescue a floundering performance when necessary.

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