How Do You Become a Backup Dancer?


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To become a backup dancer, an individual needs to have at least a high school diploma, but some go on to get a bachelor’s degree. This type of degree program usually involves dance training in multiple dance styles.

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Dance training is essential for anyone who wants to become a backup dancer. Even for someone with natural dancing ability, most people hiring backup dancers want to know where they received training, which is available at dance schools and various workshops. While some may choose to focus on a single dance style, it is easier to find work when learning multiple styles, such as hip-hop, modern, jazz, tap and ballet.

Some backup dancers also have other skills that entice people to hire them, such as acting and singing skills. Taking beginning courses in music, theatrical acting and singing is highly recommended for aspiring dancers. These skills can aid them in their dance routines and developing lasting skills.

Auditioning is a big part of becoming a backup dancer. In addition to training and technical skills, backup dancers need to go through auditions. A backup dancing gig normally requires multiple auditions, which may require applicants to use their own music to show their dancing skills or learn a short routine to show how quickly they can pick up complicated dance moves.

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