How Do You Become an Authorized Wireless Dealer?

How Do You Become an Authorized Wireless Dealer?

Becoming an authorized wireless dealer begins with choosing between working for one or many companies. Check existing stores and other popular companies within your neighborhood. Get all necessary licenses for opening your cellphone store, and fill out an application form for the wireless provider of your choice. The last step is doing a background check of the companies and signing contracts and agreements.

  1. Choose the companies

    There are some companies that require agents to sign agreements and exclusively sell their product. However, selling products from different companies gives you a larger customer base.

  2. Conduct market research

    Examine your neighborhood to see what other stores are offering and which service providers are popular. Research the market to see if your area needs your services. Market research helps to avoid choosing a company whose services are not needed or has already oversaturated the local market.

  3. Obtain the appropriate licenses

    Acquire all necessary licenses as required by your state. Enquire from your local tax agency to find out about the types of licenses required for such a business. A license is the first thing to get before making your business operational. Business licenses are necessary when paying and charging taxes on your products.