How Do You Become an Authorized OSHA Trainer?


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To become an authorized OSHA trainer, applicants must satisfy the prerequisites for either a construction or general industry OSHA trainer and then take the appropriate OSHA training course for the particular industry. Applicants who have satisfied the prerequisites and passed the OSHA training course will be issued either an Authorized Construction Trainer Card or Authorized General Industry Trainer Card, according to the OSHA website.

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is a federal agency in the United States that is in charge of regulating safety and health practices in the workplace. The OSHA trainers help train and assist employers and employees to reduce injuries, illnesses and deaths in the workplace.

The OSHA website lists the following steps on how to become an Authorized Trainer.

  1. Fulfill the prerequisites
  2. An authorized trainer is required to have at least 5 years of construction safety experience or general industry safety experience, a college degree in occupational safety and health and must be either a Certified Safety Professional or a Certified Industry Hygienist. Applicants must also complete OSHA Course #510 to complete the prerequisites, according to the OSHA website.

  3. Complete OSHA course #510 or #511
  4. OSHA course #510 is the trainer course in OSHA standards for construction. Course #511, on the other hand, is the trainer course in OSHA standards for general industry.

  5. Renew trainer cards
  6. Authorized Trainer Cards are issued to applicants who successfully complete the trainer course. Trainer cards are valid for 4 years, after which the trainer must take courses #502 or #503 to renew their authorization for another 4 years.

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