How Do You Become an Artist?

How Do You Become an Artist?

To become an artist, produce good works, assemble them in a portfolio, know the art market, and contact gallery owners and publishers. Enroll in competitions and participate in charities for increased exposure.

  1. Form a plan

    Think of short and long-term goals, and establish a timeline to complete your objectives. Identify your strengths and weaknesses as an artist. Attend art school to get ahead of the competition and become a better artist. Study such techniques as sculpture, digital art, painting and drawing. Go to night classes and workshops, and read about art on an independent basis.

  2. Create art

    Produce good works of art to add to your portfolio. Place hard copies in a card folder, and use a CD-ROM for digital works. Create pictures slides of your paintings and drawings, and scan your artwork for reference. Avoid sending original copies of your works.

  3. Research the market

    Know about the art market before contacting art dealers. Know the prices of originals and prints, and gauge the experience of other artists in online forums.

  4. Search for a gallery

    Search the Internet and phone books for galleries that may accept your work, and contact any publishers who may be interested. Find an agent if necessary, but read everything in print before coming to an agreement.