How Do You Become an Art Teacher?

How Do You Become an Art Teacher?

To become an art teacher, develop a wide range of artistic skills, get the proper education, become certified and applying for jobs. Consider teaching as a substitute or part time until a full-time art teacher position becomes available.

  1. Develop artistic skills

    Art teachers need to have a vast array of art skills to do a good job. Take classes in all forms of art media, include photography, drawing, painting, pottery and sculpting. Consider learning to paint and draw with many different mediums, such as watercolors, oil and charcoal as well as pencil.

  2. Get the proper education

    Consider getting a bachelor's degree in art education through an educational branch of an accredited university. Classroom management and artistic skills are covered in these classes. Alternately, earn a degree in art, then complete a program to become a teacher. These programs offer the skills and education necessary to use an art background in a school setting as a teacher.

  3. Become a certified teacher

    Teachers must hold a valid certificate to teach in most states. The requirements vary by state, but most require formal education, including teacher-specific education. Others require applicants to pass an exam demonstrating competency in basic skills such as math and reading.

  4. Apply for a teaching job

    Visit various school districts to apply for art teacher jobs. Consider becoming a substitute teacher in a district if no art positions are available. Look into community programs to gain experience as an art teacher before moving to a school district if needed.