How Do You Become an Architect?


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To work as an architect, first earn a bachelor's degree in architecture, and then complete a three-year internship with an established architectural or design firm or with a licensed architect. Pass the Architect Registration Exam to earn a state license before working directly with clients.

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  1. Earn a bachelor's degree in architecture

    Complete a bachelor's degree program in architecture at an accredited college or university. Complete coursework in building structures, physical sciences, math, computer-aided drafting and designing, and construction.

  2. Complete an internship

    Complete a three-year internship with a licensed architectural firm or architect to learn advanced design and construction skills. Participate in building and remodeling projects to enhance drawing and design skills and to learn more about local and state building codes and regulations.

  3. Pass the Architect Registration Exam

    Pass the Architect Registration Exam to earn an architect license.

  4. Determine specific state requirements to maintain the architect license

    Contact the state architect board or licensing commission to determine if additional testing or continued education is necessary to maintain the architect license. Maintain the license by completing additional coursework, attending conferences or participating in workshops and seminars.

  5. Apply for architect positions

    Apply for architect positions with architectural and design firms, small businesses or government agencies. To advance, earn a master's degree in architecture. Earn additional certifications from organizations, including the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

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