How Do You Become an Apprentice Electrician?


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To become an apprentice electrician, you can apply to the National Electrical Contractors Association, but it's possible to receive training through a program offered by an electrical contractor. Apprenticeships can last anywhere from four to five years. Apprentices may earn wages while completing training.

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Common eligibility requirements for apprenticeships include being at least 18, completing a year of algebra, having a high school diploma or an equivalent, successfully passing a drug test and passing an aptitude test. Depending on the apprenticeship, 2,000 hours of paid on-the-job training and at least 144 hours of technical training might be required. Training often consists of learning how to read blueprints, mathematics, the fundamentals of first aid, electrical theory and electrical code requirements. Special training might consist of fire alarm systems, soldering and communications.

Apprentices might be able to select an area of specialty, such as inside/outside lineman, VDV installer technician and residential installer. Depending on the state, the apprentice might be required to register his apprenticeship or apply for an apprentice license before he can begin.

Depending on the local licensing requirements, a person may be qualified as a journey worker after completing an apprenticeship. Journey workers are able to work on their own in maintenance and construction.

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