How Do You Become an Antique Salesman?


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To become an antique dealer, obtain a diploma or degree in a related field, and apply for a job at an auction house, or start an antiques business. A good antique dealer is interested and passionate in the items he sells.

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A diploma or degree in decorative or fine arts, history of arts or arts in antiques is useful to becoming an antique dealer, although is not essential. Other ways to become an antique dealer include working at an auction house as a cataloguer, porter, clerk or auctioneer or researching and collecting antiques and selling them on the Internet or at a shop or antique market or fair. Raising capital and being able to spot salable items are more important than formal qualifications in antique dealing.

A dealer can enhance his training and development through privately run courses, practical experience, attending fairs, and extensive research and self-study. Major auction houses also offer training programs to help antique dealers improve their knowledge and skills.

Qualities that make a good antique dealer include good sales technique and business sense, knowledge of antiques, good negotiating skills, and the ability to make quick decisions. Dealers have opportunities beyond selling antiques, including doing restoration work and working as auctioneers and specialist dealers.

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