How Do You Become an Animator?


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To become an animator, obtain a degree in fine arts or animation, learn the technological aspects of the field, find work in a study program or internship, and find a job within a sub-field of animation. You can also bypass getting a formal education if you have the talent.

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  1. Earn a degree

    Obtain a bachelor's degree in such fields as animation or fine arts. Learn any software that pertains to the industry. Choose 2D or 3D animation as a career guide. Learn such things as computer graphics, creating storyboards and drawing characters. Learn how to use your imagination and creativity to produce fine works or art, and study anatomy to learn how animals and humans move.

  2. Gain work experience

    Gain entry into a work-study program or internship. Search for opportunities that offer hands-on experience

  3. Create your portfolio

    Assemble a portfolio containing some of your best work to stand out from the competition. Include your bio, resume and contact information. Have a hard-copy portfolio that contains storyboards and drawings on hand, and include an online link to the rest of your work.

  4. Find a job field

    Choose from such subfield roles as a painter, technical director, computer animator or game designer. Search for high-demand animation fields that involve the use of technology to find the best offers, but find an animation field that interests you the most. Work in a specific field while freelancing at the same time.

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