How Do You Become an Ambassador?


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To become an ambassador, obtain a bachelor's degree, join a fellowship, become a Foreign Service Officer, choose a regional speciality, bid on jobs and accept the position. You must remain in peak physical condition and stay out of trouble to meet certain requirements.

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  1. Obtain a degree

    Earn a bachelor's degree in such subjects as international relations, history or politics. Join fellowships throughout your undergraduate life to gain a wider perspective on the world. Learn how to communicate effectively in written and oral form.

  2. Gain experience

    Submit an application to the U.S. Department of State for a position as a Foreign Service Officer. Choose a speciality, such as economics, politics or public diplomacy, and pass the FSO entrance exam. Apply for positions at embassies, or join a political party for extra experience.

  3. Pass security checks

    Submit to a health test and security check to gain further acceptance.

  4. Find a position

    Research the history, language and culture of a region that interests you. Bid on jobs that match your regional interest, and bid on as many posts as possible within that region.

  5. Accept a job

    Accept any job regardless of how uncomfortable the post may be to demonstrate your determination and flexibility.

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