How Does the Beaumont Doctor Referral Service Work?


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Patients call the Beaumont Physician Referral and Information Service, which provides them with a medical specialist who can provide for their specific needs, according to Beaumont Medical Group. Criteria that Beaumont uses to refer doctors to patients include medical specialty, insurance and location, among other criteria.

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The Beaumont Physician Referral and Information Service is available for doctors with attending, associate or ambulatory privileges at any of the three hospitals administered by Beaumont, the health group states. Beaumont only refers doctors that meet certain criteria, such as not being employed by other hospitals. Additional criteria include being able to see new patients within seven to 10 days and being listed in the specialty they hold credentials for at Beaumont. Referral service doctors may have independent offices but may not have offices located at other hospitals.

The Beaumont Medical Group offers specialty medical service in the fields of endocrinology, geriatrics, infectious disease and heart or vascular issues. The group also performs surgery, offers sports medicine services, psychiatry services and delivers primary care. Additional fields that Beaumont Medical Group employs specialists in include neurology, obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics. The group's referral service allows patients to find experienced, compatible doctors in these fields in the Detroit, Michigan, area while ensuring that the patients' insurance is acceptable.

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