How Are Beanie Boos Manufactured?

Beanie Boos are plush toys filled with polyester and either polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene pellets. The fabric used in the production of Beanie Boos is a proprietary fabric called Tylon invented by Ty, Inc.

Every Beanie Boo that is manufactured begins with a prototype, which may undergo several evolutions before a final design is approved. In order to manufacture large numbers of plush toys at a time, patterns are made for specific animals. A color or pattern scheme for the toy is determined by the company, and the Tylon fabric is then die cut from pattern molds. The plush outer skins are stuffed with the polyester fillings and pellets.

When the outer plush skin is sewn together, a safety tag is inserted. The safety tag contains information such as the manufacturer, place of manufacture and composition of parts. Parts for facial features such as the eyes are usually purchased from vendors or subcontractors and then attached during the manufacturing process. A key feature of Ty beanie products is the tag, which features the name and birth date of each animal. The heart shaped tags are attached to the ears of the stuffed animals at the completion of the manufacturing process.