How Does the BCBS of Texas Provider Finder Work?

How Does the BCBS of Texas Provider Finder Work?

Users input search criteria to find providers who accept BlueCross BlueShield of Texas. The Provider Finder uses several criteria, including the home state, network time and provider details.

After selecting the state, the user chooses her network type or individual plan under BlueCross BlueShield of Texas. The member ID card displays the network code and plan name for reference. Once the user selects the network, a screen with additional criteria options appears.

The state is the only required search field. Other search fields include the name of the doctor or facility, address, provider type and provider specialty. Check boxes at the bottom allow users to specify providers who accept new patients, speak Spanish, are board certified or who have special recognition or accreditation.

The Provider Finder filters all of the approved providers and displays them on the search results page. The more fields the user fills in, the more specific the search results are. If the user searches for a specific provider or facility, the results page indicates whether or not that provider accepts the BlueCross BlueShield of Texas policy.

The results page lists the names and addresses of providers that match the entered criteria. The matches also appear on a map with the option to get directions to the facility.