How Do You Get Bath and Body Works Coupons?

To obtain Bath and Body Works coupons, sign up for a Bath and Body Works account online to get on the company's emailing list. Coupons may also come in your mail if you live near a Bath and Body Works store location.

Bath and Body Works gives out most of its coupons, discounts and codes through its online store. To make an account, go to, and click on the Welcome log-in link in the upper right-hand corner. Doing so drops down a menu for an account holder. On the left of this new menu is a sign with a link to register, which is labeled Are You a New Customer? You can make an account to your primary email address.

Coupons come in your inbox fairly frequently, sometimes multiple times a day. These coupons can be used online and in the stores, although make sure to read each one for terms and conditions. Typical coupons include discounts off of your total purchase, free items with the purchase of something else, free shipping and other bargains. Coupons can be printed out or shown on an electronic device at the register if you decide not to shop online.

Make sure that the emails from Bath and Body Works are not going into your spam folder. This is a common problem for websites that send many emails throughout the week. .