What Are the Basics of Radiation Safety Training?


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The basics of radiation safety training include an introduction to radiation physics, concepts of radiation protection, the biological effects of radiation exposure and instruments to use to detect radiation, reports the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Basic radiation safety training is suitable for individuals who have never had any radiation training in the past.

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Basics of radiation training is ideal for people who come into contact with, or might come into contact with, radiation or radioactive materials while working, according to Nuclear Education Online. This training helps both radiological and nonradiological workers ensure their exposure to radiation does not exceed regulatory limits.

Radiation safety training starts by introducing the student to radiation physics, states the University of Virginia Environmental Health & Safety. The training proceeds to explain how radiation interacts with matter, and the risks and biological effects of radiation exposure. Individuals may also study the state regulation on exposure limits.

After understanding the initial topics, the workers learn how to protect themselves from radiation exposure, explains the University of Virginia Environmental Health & Safety. They also study radiation measuring equipment and how to detect and measure radiation. This training also teaches students how to handle radiation waste and what to do in emergency situations.

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