What Are Some Basic Survey Questions?


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Basic questions for a marketing and sales survey may include demographic information about the person taking the survey, such as ethnicity, age or household income, as well as her familiarity with certain products. These surveys may also ask the taker how she feels about different brands or companies, whether or not she would buy certain items or what she would want in a specific type of product.

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Many businesses use market research surveys to obtain information about their customers so that they may better understand who is purchasing their products or services, which allows the companies to make changes to improve their products and attract new customers. These surveys typically include a wide range of questions that create a profile about the person, beginning with basic details such as age and gender. Many questions ask for information about the person's race and ethnicity to allow for further classification, along with education level and details about the city and state or ZIP code in which she lives.

These surveys also commonly include questions to understand the customer's habits and desires, typically in relation to the company's area of operation. For example, an alcoholic beverage company might ask questions about the frequency with which the customer consumes such beverages in a week and the types she prefers. Other questions may focus on how the customer feels about the company and its competitors or what she would change about a certain product.

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