What Are the Basic Rules of Living in Modular Home Communities?


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The basic rules of living in a modular home community revolve around the structural soundness of the homes, the safety and welfare of the residents, and the protection of the landlord's property. The specific rules are found in the statement of policy, according to the Oregon State Bar.

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Each state's Department of Health is in charge of regulating the structural soundness of the module homes in a module home community, ensuring that each unit meets the minimum electrical, mechanical, plumbing and energy conservation standards. Inspections are held annually to check up on conditions, such as spacing between module homes and garbage disposal, as well as other conditions pertaining to the overall quality of living, states the Illinois Department of Health.

State laws are put in place to protect the rights of the module homeowners, such as the Real Property Law in New York. Some of the rules include the right to not have rent increased more than once a year, as well as the right to have the rules and regulations applied equally to all tenants regardless of bias. If the tenant's basic rights are being violated, he is entitled to take action against the landlord, according to New York State Homes and Community Renewal.

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