What Are the Basic Requirements for a Red Cross Test?


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Though the basic requirements for a Red Cross certification test may vary between disciplines, most require the student to take a minimum number of classes or complete the corresponding amount of training through one of its programs. Red Cross also offers different certification tests for people of different ages and backgrounds, such as children, lifeguards or safety officials.

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The Red Cross runs a program that helps train people in basic life-saving techniques such as first aid and CPR for use in personal and professional settings. The program includes a variety of training courses that focus on both education and practical application in numerous settings. Students who take official Red Cross classes are able to participate through self-guided online courses, reading digital and print texts and attending actual class settings to meet with instructors. In all cases, the students need to study the same course material to learn about the proper techniques and safety precautions for the specific action.

Once the student completes the minimum amount of coursework, which varies between activity, she may take a certification test. Each certification test also includes its own training and practice requirements, as personal certification carries fewer responsibilities than that of a medical professional. The test typically involves answering oral questions from an instructor about how to respond to certain scenarios and demonstrating the activities on a live participant or training dummy.

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