What Is on a Basic Office Skills Test?


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A basic office skills test, also referred to as a clerical test, includes assessments such as typing speed, alphabetic filing ability, standard math calculations and proofreading. Websites such as LoveToKnow.com and ProProfs.com offer sample clerical tests to help pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

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A sample grammar and spelling question may ask an applicant to choose the correctly spelled word from a list of words or to choose the word that best completes a sentence. A data-entry assessment is also commonly found on a clerical skills test where the applicant is asked to complete a 10-key speed test. A 10-key speed test is a timed test in which the testee is required to enter sets of numbers as accurately as possible, as quickly as possible. Sample math questions include instructions to calculate 1704 x 605 or 11,158 divided by 58. Some questions may require completing multiple mathematical operations within a question.

Other questions that are on clerical tests are designed to determine how well an applicant navigates Microsoft products such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word. This suite of products is the most commonly used in office settings because it integrates with other software easily. It is also common to test an applicant's Internet skills.

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