What Is a Basic Job Description for a Staff Accountant?


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A staff accountant is responsible for maintaining financial accounts and ledger books, in addition to preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Additional responsibilities may include preparing tax deposits and payroll, assisting the CFO and Senior Accountant with their day-to-day responsibilities and preparing and analyze budgets.

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The general duties of a staff accountant are fairly universal; however, each company's requirements vary. Certain companies require a predetermined number of years of experience to qualify for the staff accountant position. Other companies have a minimum requirement of a Bachelor's degree in accounting with experience in a related filed. These companies might have an MBA as a preferred qualification from applicants. To a greater extreme, applicants for the position may need a CPA certification.

The job description for a staff accountant (outside of general activities) matches the required experience. Companies that insist on a CPA filling the position have the staff accountant involved to some degree with tax preparation. A company that requires no specific certification has fewer responsibilities for the staff accountant. This position may involve inputting and verifying data, answering basic financial questions for various departments or interpreting data and presenting findings.

As of December, 2015, Payscale.com reports the median pay for the staff accountant position to be $45,552.00. Depending on the company and the responsibilities of the position, the salary can range from $33,717.00 to $59,059.00.

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