What Is Some Basic Investor Information on the TransCanada Pipeline Stock?


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Basic investor information on the TransCanada Pipeline (NYSE: TRP) stock as of November 9, 2015 is that the stock is currently trading at $32.49, down from the previous close value of $32.56; the Average Target Price is $55.36; and analysts are split between buying and holding, according to MarketWatch.com. TRP recommendations to buy are down from eight to seven from three months ago, as of November 2015.

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The last quarter earnings for TransCanada Pipeline stock were 0.62. Year-ago earnings as of November 2015 were 2.32, reports MarketWatch.com. Median Price/Earnings on the current year's estimate are 18.39, and the Median Price/Earnings on the next fiscal year's estimate are 17.15.

Analyst recommendations from 15 analysts, as of November 2015, show that seven recommend buying and seven recommend holding. The remaining analyst suggests that the stock is overweight, meaning that a stock is expected to outperform its industry, the market or its sector, states Investopedia.com. Analyst recommendations that TransCanada Pipeline is overweight was the same both one and three months prior.

Of the 14 analyst recommendations one month ago, six suggested buying stock and eight suggested holding current stock. Fifteen analysts gave recommendations three months ago, with eight suggesting to buy, six suggesting to hold and one suggesting to sell.

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