What Are Some Basic Goals and Objectives for Work?

One basic goal or objective for work is a goal that addresses problem solving, such as developing a new system for organization that helps the company with efficiency. Another type of goal addresses standards or measurements, such as the quality of the work and the level of output.

The best goals are attainable but challenging. One basic goal for work includes setting an attendance goal. An attendance goal is helpful for the organization but also manages absenteeism due to discontent, stress or burnout. An appropriate goal is reducing absences by 15 percent over the previous year.

A goal for improving productivity is another common objective. This goal aims for a specific value, such as improving output from 50 to 75 products in any given period. This goal also accounts for changes in company-wide production.

In a service-driven job, improved customer service is a common goal. Goal examples include improving customer survey numbers or reducing customer wait time. This is an area where there are both short-term and long-term goals and progress aligns with company goals.

A common goal for a supervisory role is reducing the turnover rate in the department. This goal is set based on the previous year or quarter, such as reducing the number of employees who quit from two the previous year to one or none in the next year. An alternative to decreasing the turnover rate is a goal to increase the work force by a specific percentage.