What Is the Basic Glassware Required for a Bar?

What Is the Basic Glassware Required for a Bar?

The basic glassware essential for a bar includes a cocktail glass, a wine glass, a lowball glass and a shot glass. Going for quality is key in selecting the glassware.

Shot glasses are small and sturdy. They serve hard liquor, such as tequila, and act as measuring glasses when making cocktails.

A standard wine glass with a narrow opening and tall sides can serve both red and white wines. Specific glasses for red wine are wider to allow the wine to breathe, whereas specific white wine glasses are narrower to keep the wine chilled.

Cocktail glasses are cone-shaped to display the cocktail and to allow the drinker to inhale the scent of the drink. The solid and tall stem prevents the drinker from warming the drink with his hands.

A lowball is the old-fashioned glass that is short and has straight sides and a thick bottom. It helps in mixing and serving drinks directly without straining into an extra glass. It is appropriate for drinks poured over ice.