What Is Basic Freon Recovery Equipment?


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Basic Freon recovery equipment consists of a special machine that pumps the coolant out of an HVAC system, along with special hoses and nozzles to ensure that the liquid safely and securely transfers out. The equipment helps remove the harmful chemicals from various refrigeration devices before disposal to avoid environmental damage.

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Freon is a type of coolant agent that can cause significant harm to the health of anyone who ingests it, directly or indirectly, as well as harming the environment around it if not disposed of correctly. Regulations for the Environmental Protection Agency outline the proper method for removing the substance from any machine in which it is present before the device may enter a recycling facility or landfill, which includes the use of special equipment for both its extraction and storage. The basic component consists of a pressure gauge machine that allows the user to monitor the chamber in which the Freon resides and transfer it out.

The gauge also includes two valves, onto which the user must attach special hoses and nozzles. One hose goes onto the coolant drainage valve on the HVAC device, while the other exits the pressure gauge machine and connects to a special storage drum. As the coolant drains from the machine, the gauge monitors internal pressure to ensure that there are no leaks in the system that may result in the Freon damaging the machine or spilling into the environment.

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