What Is a Basic Competency Model?

A basic competency model is a framework through which a business or organization outlines and defines all of the skills necessary to complete a specific task or goal, with multiple levels to cover the details of each aspect of the task. It may focus on any number of concepts and practices, such as manager communication to employees or the computer skills needed to complete a sales task.

The process for developing a competency model begins with outlining its purpose and naming the specific competencies on which it is to focus. In most scenarios, the competencies are general skills or specific qualifications through which the employees are able to carry out a task within the organization. An effective competency model also ties directly into company policies and procedures, highlighting the appropriate concepts in other documents to encourage and increase productivity. This allows the employees and managers to review the model and understand what actions help to further company goals.

The model should include more than one competency, though the number should remain at a level that keeps the framework manageable. Each competency should have a definition and multiple examples that reflect common workplace situations. The framework may also include separate actions that employees may take to embody each competency. A basic competency framework allows for a clear understanding of its concepts while remaining an actionable guide to employees.