How Do You Barter at Flea Markets?


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Ask for less than what you want to pay initially, and expect the seller to counter your first offer; most sellers at flea markets are open to bargaining. If you don?t like his counter price, continue negotiating until you reach an agreed price.

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Politeness is important when bartering at flea markets. Be sure to greet the seller when you arrive, so you start off positively, as you are about to ask him for a favor. He is more likely to accommodate you if you treat the bargain as a polite negotiation, not an argument.

Avoid asking for too little in your first offer. It is best not to ask for less than half price. Rather, ask for a little bit more than half price and expect that the final price is somewhere in the middle. Be silent after you make an offer. Often, the person who breaks the silence is the one who concedes. If the seller counters the offer, be silent again, as he may offer an even lower price if you don?t respond immediately. Hold out the amount of cash that you offer in your initial offer to make the deal more tempting.

The seller may be more likely to give a discount if you buy multiple items, as selling more is an incentive for him to reach a deal. If there are any flaws or damages to the item, politely point them out when you are asking for a discount but without criticizing the merchandise. It is also a good idea to dress down if you intend to barter at a flea market, so that sellers don?t think you have a lot to spend.

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