How Do You Find Bargains at Factory Outlet Stores?


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To find bargains at factory outlet store, research the original price for an item to see how much its discount really is, go to the corner areas of the store, get off-season items and sign up for promotional emails from the store. If you find an open item or one that's damaged, ask for an additional discount.

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Stores often advertise items at significant discounts, even if an item's original price isn't as high as the discount indicates. Check an item's price online to verify the discount. Smartphone applications are available that automatically check prices for items.

Factory outlet stores typically put featured merchandise and displays toward the center of the store and clearance racks toward the corners. Since clearance racks usually have the largest discounts, check those first.

Stores want to unload certain merchandise toward the end of its season or when it's off-season, leading to additional discounts. For example, you may get a deal by shopping for swimwear in the winter or a heavy coat just before spring.

Stores typically send out promotional emails that list sales and events. Sign up for these emails so you know when the sales occur.

Inspect anything you plan to buy, particularly clothing. Manufacturers make items specifically for factory outlet stores, usually from lower quality materials.

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