What Banks Have Been Robbed in Las Vegas, Nevada?


Some of the robbed banks in Las Vegas Nevada include the U.S Bank located inside Smith’s grocery store and the one at 10140 W. Flamingo Road. Others are the Chase Bank in Henderson, Citibank at 3990 S. Maryland and the Bank of Nevada at 3985 S. Durango. The Wells Fargo, the Clark Credit Union and the Aloha Pacific Credit Union banks have been victims, as well.

According to the FBI, there has been a spike in bank robberies in Las Vegas, Nevada, as of 2015, with most of the suspects being men between the ages of 20 to 30 years. Out of those who commit these crimes, at least 30 percent are repeat offenders previously imprisoned for bank robberies. In most of these heists, the robbers armed themselves with weapons such as guns or knives and they demanded money from the bank tellers.

In trying to deter the thieves, many banks have invested in state of the art surveillance equipment. Their efforts have paid off a great deal, since the cameras capture most of the robberies in progress, and the suspects are often identified. In addition to the surveillance technology, the banks collaborate with the police and the community to identify and apprehend the robbers. For instance, a witness who provides information that leads to the arrest of the suspects may get rewarded by the bank.