What Banks Offer Online-Only Banking?

What Banks Offer Online-Only Banking?

Some banks that offer online-only banking include GoBank, Ally, Charles Schwab Bank and PNC’s Virtual Wallet. These online banks offer convenient services and highly mobile banking tools for customers.

GoBank is an exclusively online bank that gives users the ability to perform all their banking needs on their smartphones, including paying bills, ordering cards and opening new accounts. The bank offers a voluntary monthly fee, allowing users to pay as much or as little as they want for service.

Ally is useful for users who keep larger sums in their bank accounts and are looking to earn higher interest rates on checking. The bank also boasts no maintenance fees and no ATM fees. Ally even reimburses users for fees that other banks’ ATMs charge.

Charles Schwab Bank offers High Yield Investor Checking, an online-only checking account that has no monthly fees, requires no minimum balance and also offers free rebates for ATM surcharges. The online account also offers mobile bill paying and even provides free physical checks.

PNC’s Virtual Wallet offers a substantial set of analytic bank tools, including a digital assistant that keeps track of spending habits and reminds users of bill payments. The online banking app also provides visual representations of available funds and allows users to put funds into different categories, including everyday expenses, short-term savings and long-term savings.