What Banks Commonly Finance Home Loans for Disabled People?

Disabled people may qualify for federal housing programs such as Federal Housing Assistance or the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, and banks that finance these programs include Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank and Citibank, among others. Disabled veterans can also access the Veterans Affairs' Specially Adapted Housing grant program for additional funding.

The Fannie Mae Community HomeChoice program finances mortgages for disabled people. Qualifying home buyers can find mortgages with low down payment requirements and lower debt-to-income ratio requirements than traditional mortgages. Home buyers may also be able to include potential rent income from boarders in their income calculations with a Fannie Mae mortgage. The company has several resources for disabled home buyers on its website, including a list of down payment assistance resources, resale restrictions and locations of HUD housing counselors.

Disabled people may also qualify for housing through Habitat For Humanity. The non-profit organization selects people for homes based on their need, willingness to partner with the organization and ability to pay. Each Habitat For Humanity affiliate office has different requirements for people to qualify for housing. Potential homeowners can find a list of local affiliates and contact information on Habitat For Humanity's website. The organization requires that potential homeowners must be legal residents with steady income, good credit and sustained savings accounts to qualify for housing.