Where Are Some Banks in Brooklyn That Have Coin Counting Machines?

Yelp provides listings for many banks in Brooklyn that offer coin counting machines or services for customers. These include Commerce Bank, TD Bank and Chase Bank.

The most common bank in Brooklyn that offers coin-counting machines (called "Penny Arcades") is TD Bank, with locations in every neighborhood of the borough. A few TD Bank locations listed are 269 5th Avenue in Park Slope, 987 4th Avenue in Sunset Park and 211 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. A Commerce Bank with a coin counting machine is located on 205 Montague Street, and there are Chase banks located on 1462 Nostrand Avenue, 883 Flatbush Avenue and 975 Bedford Avenue. Many of the listed banks involve a small fee for the use of coin counting machines if you are not a regular customer of the bank, ranging from 6 to 8 percent of the total.

There are Coinstar coin counting machines in grocery stores and markets throughout the area, such as Stop & Shop, Pathmark and Waldbaum's. Coinstar charges a 9 percent fee for the use of its service unless you use your coins to purchase a gift card that applies to a large retailer, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Staples or Sears.