What Are Some Banks That Have No ATM Fees?


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Ally Bank and Schwab Bank are two respected banking organizations that waive ATM fees on out-of-network ATM transactions. Both are online banks with brokerage connections, as most traditional banks cannot afford to waive fees since those same fees pay for maintenance on their machinery.

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Schwab Bank and Ally Bank both offer checking accounts that reimburse ATM fees on an unlimited basis, meaning there is no ceiling on how many reimbursements can be issued over time. Both banks make for a good choice for those looking to escape regularly paying a fee when forced to use an ATM outside their bank's network.

Alternate solutions to paying out-of-network fees include switching banks to gain optimum ATM network coverage, according to U.S. News. Banks tend to dominate certain geographical areas with their ATM networks, so switching accounts to the right bank can help to fix the issue of paying fees by transitioning patronage to the locally dominant bank.

If no other options are available, debit cash back can help to circumvent the issue of ATM fees. This lets cardholders access their money without incurring any fees and it is commonly available at convenience stores and at grocery stores. It requires only that the cardholder make a purchase at the location in question in order to access funds.

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