What Are Some Banks in Atlanta, Georgia?

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Atlantic Capital and Citizens Trust Bank are three banks found in Atlanta, Georgia, with fairly different public images. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is one of several Federal Reserves, while Atlantic Capital and Citizens Trust are locally oriented banks for Atlanta residents.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, or the Atlanta Fed, is one of many Federal Reserves meant to act as part of the central banking network of the United States. Federal Reserve Banks are responsible for economic conditions in their given area, using a board of directors to influence employment and local prices. Federal Reserve Banks are meant to supervise other banks in the district they are set up for to maintain the rules set up for those banks.

Atlantic Capital is a bank that offers services for consumers and business owners, as well as medical and legal organizations. It focuses on supporting growing companies and the mid-market, which is typical of smaller community banks, while maintaining a greater capital.

Citizens Trust Bank focuses on offering banking services for Atlanta residents, particularly those in the metropolitan community. It offers all of the services typical of consumer banks, including lending and accounts for individuals and businesses.