What Banking Services Are Available at Wal-Mart?

What Banking Services Are Available at Wal-Mart?

Walmart offers basic checking accounts at some locations through its GoBank service. The store also has its own credit card, sells prepaid debit cards and money orders, and cashes checks at most locations.

Walmart announced its GoBank service in late 2014 and plans to offer it at 4,000 of its retail locations. Green Dot Corporation provides the actual financial services. As of 2015, customers can get a basic checking account for a monthly fee of $8.95, which is waived with a direct deposit of $500 or more each month. There is also a start-up fee of $2.95.

Walmart stores have also cashed checks for customers for years. There is no registration requirement, but there is a $3 fee for checks under $1,000 and a $6 fee for checks over that amount.

Walmart also sells a range of prepaid MasterCard and Visa debit cards. The company has partnered directly with American Express to offer the Bluebird card, which features fees that are lower than usual.

Walmart issues its own MasterCard in partnership with Synchrony Bank. A customer can upgrade a regular store credit card to such a card after a period of good payment history. Customers can purchase money orders through an automated machine at many store locations for a small fee.