What Are Some Bank Teller Job Interview Questions?

Interview questions for a bank teller often include scenario questions related to tasks the candidate is expected to complete while on the job, such as "How would you convince a customer to become a client of this bank?" Another question might be, "How would you handle a situation in which a customer is confrontational and difficult to deal with?"

More specific bank teller interview questions also include inquiries about job history or experience within the financial industry. Some of the most common interview questions for bank tellers include "Why do you want to become a bank teller?" and "Why did you choose our bank?" At this point, the candidate is asked to describe career goals related to the financial industry and detail what she knows about the company based on preliminary research. Answering these questions with details that show the candidate has researched the company shows professionalism and preparedness.

Not only do answers to these questions show that the candidate can problem-solve, they also show personality traits and strategies for dealing with conflict. Since a bank teller's position is also tied to sales and customer recruitment, the interviewer may ask about previous sales experience or experience within customer service or the financial industry.