Are Bandog Mastiff Breeders Trustworthy?


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Not all bandogge mastiff breeders are trustworthy. If the breeder is not registered with any kennel or dog club that accepts bandogges, the buyer has a right to be skeptical. A trustworthy breeder cares about the dog, asks questions and makes sure buyers are good matches for the breed.

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As of 2014, many kennel clubs, such as the American Canine Hybrid Club and Designer Dogs Kennel Club, include the bandogge. It is typically listed as the American masti-bull or American bandogge mastiff.

Breeders recommended by clubs are usually trustworthy. Good breeders show buyers everywhere the puppy has lived and the dog's family. Animals should be healthy and lively and not kept in cramped cages. The Humane Society has a list posted on their website with information on differentiating negligent puppy mills from trustworthy breeders.

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