How Do You Find the Balance on an AT&T Reward Card?

To check the balance on an AT&T reward card, go to the AT&T Rewards & Rebates section of the AT&T website, and enter the first four digits of the number on the front of the card, explains AT&T. The process can also be completed by visiting

The AT&T reward card is earned by certain customers when they first sign up for service, according to AT&T. The card can be redeemed anywhere Visa is accepted. Once you have activated your service with AT&T, wait for your reward card to appear in the mail in the three weeks that follow. This should take no longer than seven weeks from the activation date, and you must wait 30 days from activation to redeem your reward. Once it arrives, navigate to the Activate My Reward Card section of, and enter the first four digits of the card in the provided text box to begin the activation process.

Because the AT&T reward card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, you can use the card to pay your monthly bill for the service provider, as explained by AT&T. To do so, simply enter the information of the reward card instead of your personal card when you pay the bill online, by phone or at a service center.