How Do You Balance Your Personal and Professional Life?


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An individual balances his personal life with his professional life by identifying where the imbalance exists, prioritizing, creating detailed lists and schedules, drawing boundaries and learning when to say no. A person should also give himself some time alone to recharge and relax.

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Finding out whether too much time and energy is being spent at the office or at home is the first step to striking a proper balance between a professional life and a personal life. A plan usually fails if the root of the issue isn't identified.

Some personal obligations are more important than professional obligations and vice versa. Combining prioritization with scheduling and lists helps an individual better identify what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Lists and schedules can be made for the day, week, month and year. Detailed lists prevent multitasking, which can waste more energy than it saves.

A person who leaves his work at the office and his personal life at home is better able to set up boundaries between the two. Such separation can also bring more enjoyment at home and in the office. A person should also be willing to accept help at work and at home in order to make his life easier to manage.

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