How Do You Find the Balance of Your Employee 401(k) Plan?

Find the balance of your employee 401(k) plan by logging into the account online, calling the provider's toll-free number or checking the balance on the last paper statement sent to you, according to D. Laverne O'Neal for The Nest. Many providers offer members the option of accessing their 401(k) online. If this is not available, phoning or faxing the plan's administrator may be an option.

When reviewing the balance on a paper statement, be aware the balance reflected on this correspondence is the balance on the date the statement was printed and may not reflect your current balance, warns O'Neal. As such, the most efficient option to find your current balance is to check the account online.

If you already set up your online account when your 401(k) was first established and do not remember the log-in information, you likely need to provide additional information, such as a Social Security number, and then answer some security questions, reports O'Neal. Once you are logged in, the link to the balance sheet page should be a standalone icon or appear in a drop-down menu. Click it, and peruse through the balance sheet until you arrive at the current balance. Take care to differentiate your current balance from your balance at the beginning of the period; these are likely two different figures.