What Makes a Bad Evaluation Form?

A bad evaluation form often includes questions or responses that fail to encourage the employee or that don't allow the reviewer to provide any constructive criticism. It may also lack clear examples of how the subject may improve in the future, feature unclear language in the questions, or focus on areas that are not helpful to the employee or the company as a whole.

An evaluation form allows a manager or supervisor to grade and review the performance of his employees. The form should include appropriate questions that address basic concepts such as productivity output and job completion, as well as less empirical data such as the employee's attitude towards the job and her aspirations for the future. A bad evaluation form may not allow the supervisor to address these areas in enough detail to create actionable steps for either party.

The form may also word its questions unclearly. All of the questions on an evaluation form should allow for direct answers. A bad evaluation form sometimes focuses on areas that are not important or helpful for the company. For example, a form that focuses on the employee's compliance with the company dress code may not be helpful in gauging how effectively she completes her assignments.