If You Have Bad Credit, How Can You Secure a Student Loan?


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Federal student loans generally do not require credit checks or cosigners, and they are need-based. You can fill out a free application for federal student aid at FAFSA.gov to apply for these loans. You may be able to qualify for private student loans if you apply with a cosigner who has good credit, according to SimpleTuition.com.

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Some popular federal student loans are the Perkins loan, the Stafford loan, the Grad PLUS loan and the Parent PLUS loan. Perkins and Stafford loans are generally low-interest loans awarded based on financial need, reports SimpleTuition.com. The government often pays the interest on these loans while you are still in school, so you won't have to worry about accruing large amounts of interest while you take classes. Once you graduate or stop going to school, you are responsible for your own interest. The Perkins and Stafford loans also have flexible repayment options and are available to cover a variety of financial expenses in addition to tuition.

Private loans are sometimes an option for those with bad credit. If you don't know anyone with good credit who would be willing to cosign, you may be able to find a private loan with no credit check. However, such loans are likely to come with very high interest rates, explains SimpleTuition.com.

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